Servo machine adapts to tasks flexibly

March 2018 — Safety brackets are used to easily and safely anchor child seats in cars. They are manufactured from high-strength steel wire with a diameter of 6mm up to now on a mechanical "GRM 80" stamping and forming machine, and now on a servo "GRM-NC" stamping and forming machine with radial "Leantool".

The standardized modular tool kit has become part of the production of many companies since its introduction two years ago. Users benefit from the minimum number of tool parts, the quick feasibility and up to 70 percent reduced costs compared to forming tools on mechanical machines. 

The Leantool used at the trade show consists of only 12 individual tool parts, 12 standard tool parts and the consistently reusable standard machine parts. Six powerful servo forming units and two central NC mandrels ensure precise cutting, forming and ejection movements, as well as a production capacity of 80 open wire brackets per minute. For the changeover procedure to the closed wire bracket type, another safety-relevant component for vehicles, the machine operator just calls up the respective program in the "VC 1" control system. The positions of the forming units and the motion sequence of the tool are changed automatically. The number of forming levels is reduced from two to one and production starts immediately with a 100% reproduced good part.

The open safety bracket can also be found as a case study in the free "Bihlerplanning" Web App. As a building block of the Leantool system, the App supports users during the acquisition of orders in accordance with the Leantool principles. By using data stored in the Web App, quotations are now faster and more accurate. Because this data contains specific information regarding the technical feasibility of a large variety of stamped and formed parts made from strip and wire material. Furthermore, the data provides information about the required machine type, required tool components, achievable pulse rates, setup times and processing times for each batch size. This allows accurate calculations for the user even before the start of production and to effectively increase his response capacity. This in turn increases the chance to generate an according order.

Fast quotations with Web App

When the App user is awarded the contract, tool design and manufacturing can be efficiently implemented with the end-to-end Leantool system. The corresponding designs can be downloaded from the WebApp with the Bihler bNX technology software and easily modified for the requested component. The number of tool parts is always kept to a minimum. In addition, many standard parts are used that need only slight adaption to the task. Thanks to the simple tool assembly and the quick setup of the servo stamping and forming machine, component production starts in the shortest possible time.

In addition to the Web App, the Bihler team "Process planning – Technical sales" supports manufacturers of stamped and formed parts with the realization of their tools. Training and service include events with general information, basic design and construction seminars as well as project-specific design consultation and initial design of Leantool tools. In addition to the currently available radial Leantool, a “progressive" version will also be available starting with the Euroblech in Octobre 2018. With this, linear tools can be implemented easily, quickly and effectively on servo-controlled "RM-NC" and GRM-NC stamping and forming machines.

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